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Our diverse menu includes a large variety of New Mexican food cuisine, as well as a variety of appetizers.  Specialties include Fajitas Especial, marinated in a delicate sauce and grilled with onions and peppers.
Los Cuates offers freshly prepared food and a warm ambience that exudes an affordable dining experience.
Winner of “Best New Mexican Restaurant” and “Best Red Chile”                  -Alibi the Magazine
"One of the best places to eat in the Duke City"           -The Albuquerque Journal.

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“From the very beginning Los Cuates has been one of the most popular New Mexican restaurants in the city with diners lining up before opening and late-comers waiting for a table to open.”                  -Gil Garduño
“One of the best places to eat in the Duke City.”        -The Albuquerque Journal
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